Parent Testimonials

We came to St. Dominic School after living overseas for two years.  We were looking for a smooth transition for our two boys and a continuation of the level of academic quality. We could not have made a better choice than that of St. Dominic.  Principal Biggs and the entire staff deliver both a top-notch academic standard and a warm and welcoming partnership in our boys educational and spiritual life.  Recently, we had the opportunity to move out of state for a job change, but we could not find any school that could compare to St. Dominic. We turned down the opportunity, due in large part to this wonderful school and community. We are delighted to be here.

Annette and Christopher Helm
Jackson, Class of of 2015
Clark, Grade 8

Living in the Shaker Heights I have no doubt my two daughters would have been well educated in the public school system,  however both of them have attended St. Dominic School.  St. Dominic offered both girls a great education, but the true gift of SDS is in the leadership and personal development of each child.  The ability to interact with teachers in a constructive manner, to work with students of all ages, to know they each have a role and a responsibility to contribute to society, this is where I know both girls were nurtured and grew.

Trish Adams
Amelia, Class of 2006
Erin, Class of 2012

Our daughter has attended St. Dominic School since kindergarten, and we couldn't be more pleased with the experience.  In additional to challenging the children academically, SDS has provided a faith-based, service-oriented environment.  The school offers an amazing array of ‘extras’ despite its small size, including concert band, World Drumming, Art, PE, Music, Spanish, Science Olympiad, and of course a full range of sports teams. As an added bonus - and especially valuable to us - the staff, faculty, and fellow parents really come together as a school "family" to support the school and each other.  To us, St. Dominic School is the only choice for educating and nurturing children.

Rita and Brian Boswell
Maggie, Class of 2016

We have three children that have attended St Dominic School all with completely different personalities and needs. We have been more than pleased with the results!  Not only is the school competitive academically, but it has layered on the tools to function in our complex society. These include a spiritual piece that they will be able to tap into their entire lives, plus the distinctive ability to be a contributing leader, wherever life takes them. This is all accomplished in a fun, nurturing, family-like atmosphere!

Renee and Larry Yoder
Jessica, Class of 2007
Joseph, Class of 2009
Mac, Class of 2012

We are so grateful for the loving support our children receive at the school. The big kids do a great job taking care of the little ones, making them feel that they matter. The teachers do a great job of molding the students into good people. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most. Yes, SDS creates great leaders, but it also creates good people of faith who are focused on service to others and making a difference in the world.

Malissa and Doug Bodmann
Lily, Class of 2017
Elle, Grade 6