Parent Testimonials

We came to St. Dominic School after living overseas for two years.  We were looking for a smooth transition for our two boys and a continuation of the level of academic quality. We could not have made a better choice than that of St. Dominic.  Principal Biggs and the entire staff deliver both a top-notch academic standard and a warm and welcoming partnership in our boys educational and spiritual life.  Recently, we had the opportunity to move out of state for a job change, but we could not find any school that could compare to St. Dominic. We turned down the opportunity, due in large part to this wonderful school and community. We are delighted to be here.

Annette and Christopher Helm

Jackson, Class of 2015

Clark, Class of 2018

I went to Saint Dominic School when I was younger and have very fond memories of my time there due to teachers who lifted me up as well as set me up for success in my future.  I now have two daughters at Saint Dominic School. They’re completely different in every way; have different learning styles and different comfortableness around people and subject matter. While my girls have been enrolled, we have gone through a parent’s deployment, reassignments, hospitalizations, and like all… just life in general. What Saint Dominic offered us was everything they promised and more. We got support, love, and education from the whole community including Fr. Tom, Mrs. Biggs, teachers, my girls’ peers and families.  My girls see leaders in education, morals, and compassion every day and are now leaders in groups outside of school. They’re striving each day for academic and moral excellence in and out of school.  I’m excited and even more proud every year in their personal and educational growth. 

Azema Stephens, class of 2001

Anna, Class of 2025

Alison, Class of 2024 

We have been so pleased with the overall education of our children at St. Dominic School.  When it came time to send our kids to school, we looked at all the options, and we found St. Dominic was well worth the investment as well as the drive from Willoughby.  The faculty is dedicated to not only educating our two children (K and 2nd grade), but also to helping to develop their spiritual and personal growth as well.  This faith based community fosters an environment of safety, inclusion, and community that enhances the overall academic learning accomplished.   My children are eager to go to school each day and this gives us great peace of mind.   We are looking forward to the many years ahead as part of the St. Dominic community.

 Erin and Derick Hillmon

Maya, Class of 2026

Noah, Class of 2024

Our two oldest children have attended St. Dominic School since kindergarten and we have been highly satisfied with the overall experience. My husband and I were looking for a small school in a faith based community and we found that and more in St. Dominic School. Both of our children have not only benefited from the many gifts that St. Dominic School offers, but they have been able to contribute to the school and community as well.  St. Dominic School offers a setting in which children can excel academically and spiritually as well as with art, music and sports related activities. Every child is different and St. Dominic School truly offers something for everyone. Perhaps what we love the most about St. Dominic School is the close-knit, family based atmosphere where kids and families feel that they are a part of something special. 

Lisa and Greg Kuta

Madeline, Class of 2021

Eli, Class of 2019

 We are so grateful for the loving support our children receive at the school. The big kids do a great job taking care of the little ones, making them feel that they matter. The teachers do a great job of molding the students into good people. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most. Yes, SDS creates great leaders, but it also creates good people of faith who are focused on service to others and making a difference in the world.

 Malissa and Doug Bodmann

 Lily, Class of 2017

Elle, Class of 2020

During the search for a good school, we were blessed to find out about and apply at St. Dominic. There was an immediate sense of comfort for our daughter which eased our minds. She was extremely comfortable in her interactions with the school staff during the application process and after being accepted the nurturing and caring environment grew even more. We couldn’t ask for better examples of God’s love for our children than the loving teachers at St. Dominic School. It warms my heart daily when I watch the older students hold the doors open for the younger ones. Such a small gesture that speaks volumes to the spirit of the environment. 
Elsie and William Dawson
 Aria, Class of 2024