Checklist for Applying

To Apply:
The following forms/documents must be submitted on behalf of every applicant to St. Dominic School. Families will be notified by mail of the acceptance decision once all of these documents have been reviewed.

Stage 1: Initial Documentation - to begin the application process, the following forms/documents must be submitted on behalf of each applicant.

_____ 1. Application for Enrollment
_____ 2. Special Services Form
_____ 3. Copy of Birth Certificate
_____ 4. Copy of Baptismal Certificate (If applicable)
_____ 5. Parent Questionnaire (Grades K and 1)
_____ 6. Teacher Questionnaire (Grades K and 1)
_____ 7. Copy of last report card (Grades 1 - 8)
_____ 8. Copy of all Standardized Test Scores; IOWA, CogAT, PARCC (Grades 2 - 8)
_____ 9. Two recommendation letters from current teacher and/or principal (Grades 2 - 8)

Stage 2: Review Process - Once the above documentation has been submitted, the Admissions Team will review the application based on St. Dominic admissions criteria, specifically seeking students who are successful in their current academic environment; who conduct themselves in a manner that fits with the St. Dominic behavioral standards; and whose parents/guardians are invested in the education process. If the team deems that the applicant meets the above criteria, the applicant will be contacted to complete:

_____ 1. Gesell Developmental screening (Grades K - 1)  
_____ 2. Leveled Entrance Assessment (Grades 2 - 8)
_____ 3. Shadow Visit (Grades 3 - 8)

To Enroll:
Once a decision of acceptance has been made, the following items are required in order to enroll in St. Dominic School.

  1. Release of Records Form (Grades 1 - 8)
  2. Registration Fee of $100.00 per student (Non-refundable). Make check payable to  “St. Dominic School”.
  3. Completed Registration Form/Tuition Contract

If you select the 10-Month Tuition Payment Plan, you will also need to:

  1. Complete and sign the Authorization Agreement for Automatic Tuition Transfer (Direct debit)
  2. Attach a voided check (Required for direct debit)

Download the above checklist (click here).