Frequently Asked Questions

St. Dominic School
St. Dominic School
St. Dominic School
St. Dominic School
St. Dominic School
St. Dominic School
St. Dominic School
St. Dominic School

What is the average class size? How many classes per grade?
St. Dominic prides itself on having small student-teacher ratios, as they help to create a close-knit environment in which all students are called to lead. Our maximum class size is 26 students per grade. Current class sizes range from 15 to 26 students. There is one class per grade.

How often do the students celebrate Mass?
The students generally attend Mass every Friday at 8:30 a.m. The service is warm, student-centered and interactive, and family members are welcome and encouraged to come share it with us. Each grade level is also invited to celebrate Mass as a class on one Sunday during the school year.

How does St. Dominic address the needs of advanced learners?
Small teacher-student ratios mean that St. Dominic teachers can offer differentiated instruction for advanced learners, helping them reach their full potential. 8th Grade students have the opportunity to take Algebra I in place of the standard math curriculum. In addition, our Enrichment teacher works with acclerated students in small group settings, challenging them to think above and beyond the curriculum. St. Dominic also offers NUMATS (Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search) testing for qualifying students. NUMATS provides above grade level testing for students in Grades 3 through 8 and gives these students access to special enrichment programs to engage and focus their abilities.

What services does St. Dominic offer for students who need extra help?
St. Dominic staff members work to accommodate the needs of students with a wide range of abilities and learning styles. The foundation for our academic excellence is rooted in high expectations for all students, and a strong belief that all students can learn. Three on-site intervention teachers are available for students needing extra assistance in reading and math. We provide Language Enrichment to students who qualify for small group assistance and one-on-one tutoring for students who need specific skill support. In addition, we will work to accommodate students with service plans due to special learning needs.

How long is the school day?
School begins promptly at 7:50 a.m. and finishes at 2:30 p.m.

How early can I drop off my child in the morning?
Students may arrive as early as 7:15 a.m. for our before school program. There is no fee for this program, and registration is not necessary. Students are supervised in the cafeteria and gymnasium until 7:50 a.m., at which time they are dismissed to go to their classrooms.

Is there an After Care program?
St. Dominic offers a comprehensive After Care program every evening until 6:30 p.m., featuring an afternoon snack, a supervised study period, and an array of age-appropriate, stimulating activities and service projects.

Parents must register for this program at the start of each school year and can elect to send their children to After Care on a daily basis or may select particular days each week. A drop in option is also available.

Does St. Dominic offer bus service?
The following school districts currently provide bus transportation to St. Dominic School:

Shaker Hts
Cleveland Hts/University Hts
Orange/Pepper Pike/Moreland Hills/Hunting Valley

When does registration begin?
Registration for Kindergarten begins in January. The registration process for Grades 1 through 8 is ongoing, starting in January and continuing throughout the summer. We will make every effort to accommodate all interested families. However, first priority is given to St. Dominic parishioners and to siblings of current St. Dominic School families.

Do you offer hot lunch?
Yes. St. Dominic offers a healthy, homemade hot lunch program served daily in the cafeteria. Monthly lunch menus are sent home in advance, and families may choose to purchase lunches by the year, quarter, month, or day. St. Dominic also participates in the National School Lunch Program for qualifying families.

Where do St. Dominic graduates go to High School?
St. Dominic teachers work closely with each 8th Grade student to ensure that he/she finds the high school that will be a good fit and offer the greatest opportunities. Recent graduates attend a wide range of high schools, including:


Beachwood High School
Beaumont School
Benedictine High School
Cleveland Hts High School
Gilmour Academy
Hathaway Brown School
Hawken School                                               Laurel School

Notre Dame Cathedral Latin
Orange High School
Shaker Hts High School
St. Ignatius High School                                        St. Edward High School
Trinity High School
Walsh Jesuit High School
University School

Are Volunteer Service Hours required of parents?
A small school such as ours could not exist without the time and assistance of parent volunteers. We expect parents to become engaged and involved in the school, and offer countless ways to participate that can accommodate most any schedule. Activities sponsored by the St. Dominic FEA and the parish Bulldog Club, volunteering in the lunch room or the classroom, or helping out with various fundraisers are just a few ways to get started.